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New Windows 10 2004 update breaks Storage Space feature for some users

Don’t install the Windows 10 update 2004 until these issues are fixed

Moreover, although Microsoft officially acknowledged the bug, it’s absent from the 2004 patch’s known issues list. 

The error first surfaced nearly a week before Microsoft acknowledged it. On June 13, some users complained of failure when trying to create new Storage Spaces to straight-up corruption of existing partitions. 

“My 20 TB parity storage space shows up now as raw, no accessible files. Storage Spaces tool and Powershell show it as healthy, containing data. Looks like the ReFS partition has been corrupted, and I may have to fork out cash on recovery software and some external drives to copy files to so I can rebuild,” one user reported on Windows Latest.

Microsoft now lists 13 issues for Windows 10 patch 2004, two more than it had at the beginning of June. Thankfully, out of the 13 issues, four are marked as resolved and two as mitigated. Adventurous users can still install the Windows 10 2004 update by manually clicking on the “Check for updates” feature in Windows update.

Microsoft said it’s investigating the bug. In the meantime, the company has suggested marking Storage Spaces as read-only would prevent the issue from affecting existing drives. Furthermore, its support page does not recommend using the check disk tool on the drives to check for corruption. Microsoft has yet to announce a workaround for Storage Space failing to create, however.

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