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In-Store Degaussing now available.

We have a new toy in our store. The HD-T1 Degausser. What does this mean for you? We can fully wipe and destroy your data, on your hard drives, in store while you watch! That's pretty exciting right?

Here's how Degaussing works.

Degaussing – a form of demagnetizing – is the process wherein a magnetic object, such as a computer tape, hard disk drive, or CRT monitor, is exposed to a magnetic field of greater, fluctuating intensity. A degausser is the machine that produces this intense magnetic field. When exposed to a fluctuating magnetic field produced by a degausser, the magnetic charge of an object is reset to a magnetically neutral state.

As applied to magnetic media, such as video, audio, computer tape or hard drives, the movement of magnetic media through the degaussing field realigns the particles, resetting the magnetic field of the media to a near-zero state, in effect erasing all of the data previously written to the tape or hard drive.

In laymans terms... it's a big huge magnet, that kills the drive and any data on it.

We can now do this, in store, while you watch for only $20 per drive.

I gotta say, it's a pretty cool process... it's worth the 40 second wait it takes to fire up the magnet.

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