Basic Laptop / Desktop Maintenance to keep you running in tip top shape.


See all the red in the photo above? That's bad.... like grind your hard drive to a crawl bad. Hopefully you don't let yours get that bad. Defragging your hard drive is an easy thing to do, just run it and let it do it's thing. Not only will it help to speed things up, it will also free up space. Windows has it's own built in defreg program but there are also great free programs that can do the process faster than windows. We prefer to use Auslogics disk defrag, it can be found here:​

I usually do this once a month, sometimes twice. These fragmented files are caused by installing and uninstalling programs. Pieces of files are left behind, and even though useless, they take up valuable HD space.

** Side note: if you have an SSD drive or a SSD Hybrid drive, Defrag is not needed. It can actually shorten the amount of writes you have to the disk, so please don't defrag an SSD Drive.

File Cleanup:

Disk cleanup is another tool provided with Windows software to help clean up temp files ( usually from internet browsing and downloading ) as well other setup files that leave traces on your computer.

This tool is useful in freeing up disk space. Sometimes it can be as small as a few MB of files, or as large as several gigabytes of disk space that can be freed up. This is something I do personally about once a month. If you prefer something other than the windows provided program for this, a good free one to use is the widely known CCleaner. It can be downloaded here :

CCleaner also provides, as part of it's free suite of tools, a Registry cleaner, it's good to run this when you run disk cleanup, it removes broken / missing registry files and entries.

Uninstall unused programs:

We all do it, install programs here and there because they look good or look like something we may find useful, in the end only to find it didn't work the way we thought, or it doesn't do what we wanted it to. Instead of uninstalling, we just move on to the next fun program and forget that the program was ever even installed. I am guilty of doing this myself, and 6 months later, there it is, still hanging around, taking up valuable disk space and in some instances background resources. While most people know you can go to the programs through windows and uninstall from there, sometimes these programs leave traces of files. a great program for getting rid of hard to remove programs or any program AND all of it's little file friends is using a powerful uninstaller program like IOBit Uninstaller. it can be downloaded here

it's a small, lightweight program with lots of features in the free version to get rid of all unused and unwanted programs and their file trails.

Your computer, Just like you car, requires a bit of maintaining on your end to keep it up and running happily. Don't download programs or games from random sites that you don't know. Virus removal is time consuming and usually requires the services of a computer technician. We do such cleanups and virus removals in our store daily. Virus removal is much harder and sometimes requires a complete reinstall of the operating system, resulting in the loss of data, so another good tip, ALWAYS back up your most important files. Anything that you can't lose or never want to lose, back up to an external drive and stow it away safely... you never know when you may have an issue with your hard drive or encounter a virus attack.

If you have any questions about our cleanup services or virus cleaning services, please feel free to contact for further details and prices.

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