Laserjet or Inkjet for home use?

For the general consumer, when buying a printer, the basic choice is whether to get anInkjet printer or a laser printer. Both printers have their pros and cons, which need to be weighed based on the features and functionality needed by the consumer. INKJET PRINTERS There are several types of Inkjet printers available: Basic document printer Photo printer Copier/Scanner/Printer (All-in-One) If you need a printer to just print basic documents, with or without color, like a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Web page, or an E-mail message, a document printer is adequate for the job. The inkjet printer is the least expensive of the three types, typically priced under $100. If you are interested i

How to run a System Restore when your computer won’t boot into Windows

System Restore is a powerful tool for reversing detrimental changes to your PC’s Windows installation. In a nutshell, System Restore allows you to “roll back” the Windows installation to the state it was in at a time before the detrimental changes were made. For example, lets say that somehow a critical Windows setting gets changed and your system starts doing strange and unexpected things. You can usually fix this type of issue by simply using System Restore to roll Windows back to a Restore Point that was created a few days earlier. System Restore is typically launched from within Windows, but what if the issue at hand is so severe that your PC won’t boot up into Windows at all? Luckily, t

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